║About Us

華陽電子股份有限公司 自創立以來秉持誠信服務、客戶至上原則,專業生產各式電子線圈,變壓器線圈,電感線圈、偏平線、SMD線圈抗電流線圈、空心線圈、環型線圈、四方型線圈,各種線圈組立成品。


Since establishment, Hua Yang Electronics has been prestigious for its reliable customer service. We prioritize customer satisfation and excellent quality of electronic products, including Electronic coils, transformers coils, inductors, partial flat line, SMD coils, anti-current coil, hollow coil, toroidal coil, coil Quartet and all kinds of  coil assembly products.

Hua Yang Electronics has acquired the ISO90001 certification to ensure quality production. Besides high-quality products, we provide our customers with efficient delivery service, with which our clients have been satisfied .  We are at your service anytime. Should you need any further information,
please call us at 886-2-2903-4067886-2-2901-8564